AbstractBackground.net is a platform providing full frame camera files of structures, textures and pattern. Free to use for any project. Credits to our website are appreciated.

This website is brand new and still in development (09/2022). More content, info and stuff will be added all the time.

What can I do with it?

Photoshop artists like us will instantly jump on the RAW files and squeeze every color channel contrast out of the files. You can use the images for creative work, layout backgrounds, composings, wallpapers or video compositions and transitions. Print it as a backdrop for your photostudio or simply put it in a frame and hang it on your wall.
Unleash your creativity and create something with our abstract background textures - and don't forget to share the site with your friends.

Why RAW?

raw files provide creatives with more flexibility, control, and image quality when editing and producing professional photography or video projects. We are professional media designers and for our Photoshop composings we require high-res material, thus we decided to give you the original RAW files. That's the data we are working with.
Our JPG files are slightly pre-edited with some extra contrast and clarity, fixed chromatic abberation and lens distortion for usage right away, but if you want to have all editing options take the RAW file. Lightroom, Photoshop Camera RAW, Capture One or any other raw-processing software can handle it.

The main advantage of using raw files for creatives is that they provide more flexibility and control in the editing process.

Raw files are the unprocessed data captured by a camera's image sensor. Unlike JPEGs, which are processed and compressed by the camera, raw files retain all of the data captured by the sensor, including color, brightness, and other image information. This allows for a greater degree of control when editing the image, as there is more data available to work with. When working with raw files, creatives can make adjustments to the image, such as exposure, white balance, and color saturation, without losing image quality or introducing artifacts. This allows for greater creative control and the ability to produce higher quality images. Additionally, raw files also allow for non-destructive editing, meaning that the original data is not affected, and the changes can be undone or altered at any point in the editing process.

Another advantage of using raw files is that they are not compressed, so they allow for more accurate color representation, a wider dynamic range and a higher bit depth which result in a higher quality and more detailed final image.

Image sharpness

Not all images are 100% sharp. Some are intentionally blurry to give you content for bokeh work, and some content is taken with not enough light or without a tripod. We don't always require super crisp clear shots for our work, so as long as there is color and structure in it - there's a need for it sooner or later.

Unleash your creativity

Blend the layers into your layout, flip the contrast and colors and be creative to add, multiply, overlay or crop the content as required. Use it for your NFT work, make an abstract background wallpaper with it, build a seamless texture pattern, or if you're simply curious how the RAW file looks with our cameras and lenses. 

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