Blue Abstract Backgrounds

Handcrafted High Resolution Background Images.
Built from Photoshop artist for other professionals.

Explosions Background Images

Handcrafted High Resolution Background Images.
Built from Photoshop artists to create amazing fire effects

Alien Background Images

Handcrafted High Resolution Background Images.
Out of this world shapes and patterns in a green alien light theme



We play with shapes, colors, variations and every possible way of undefined structures.


for uniqueness

We handcraft unique images. A good understanding of colors and contrasts result in an extraordinary pool of backgrounds.


for professionals

We create high resolution files ready for prints and covers. Mediadesigner and photographer expertise for professional results..

High Resolution Data
Create stunning designs with our abstract structures

Our background pictures are build for professionals. Play with the colors and adjust to your needs. Get unique background pictures for your next composing.


Fancy and wild shapes mixed with unique color combinations.


Handcrafted unique images to support your creativity.

The packages
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product box
Electricity and mirrored shapes. Create unique faces and outstanding visuals.


53 HDR Pictures in 5000 x 5000px

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Amazing background images in HDR quality of explosions, fire, nebula and all kind of smoke and burning background.


72 HDR Pictures in 5000 x 5000px

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Out of this world - Sci-Fi organic and extraterestrial shapes


49 HDR Pictures in 5000 x 5000px

Created to support your creative Workflow

Data Facts

from 3000-10000px, ready for print, delivered in RGB, HighRes Jpg.

Modify as needed

Multiply the images, invert them to white background, mix and mask to make them even more unique.

Start your Pool of Creativity

Our packages and free samples are the best way to grow your photoshop creative toolbox.

Endless possibilities for creative projects.

With our abstract background images you can quickly design book covers, wallpapers, website header or any other project which needs a unique look.

200% Creativity: Endless Options for your next Project.
You can easily merge several images in Photoshop, set the layer to "screen" or invert the whole image to have it on a white background. Since we work with a colorful main setup it's easy to adjust the hue and saturation to fit your needs. Add filters, transform it, modify to fit your ideas.
96dpi, 5000x5000px and 5-10MB per image is easy for printing and all web applications. Our carefully crafted textures are ideal for your creative work and design with abstract and colorful shapes. Transform, mix and merge the background textures and play around with it to unleash the full power of the graphic packages.
Since we create all background images ourself you won`t find anything similar somewhere else. We distribute the files with our partner creativemarket. They securely handle the payment and download process.
high res texture box
Save time and create stunning work in minutes.

Your results will stand out from the crowd
with our unique background images.

It`s difficult to start with a blank canvas.
Take advantage of our work and endless hours we`ve put into these abstract images and get started with a solid setup.

Free Background Images

The beauty of abstractness is the endless mix of colors and shapes to create unique art.

We collected a few ressources which offer free abstract textures and background images for you to use. Hundred of thousands of images and background textures are available online and with your creativity the possibilities are unlimited. Youtube is a great ressource for tutorials to help you creating your very own abstract photoshop textures. Filters and 3d objects quickly get you going. Mix our textures into the layers and new abstract images are build in minutes.

lights and lines
lights and lines - Colorful textures

Free Background Images